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Extra Control Measures

As a childcare provider, we take the health and safety of our children, their families, and our staff extremely seriously.

With the government easing of certain restrictions, we have analysed and reviewed all of our COVID-19 policies and procedures. We are relieved that we are able to relax some of the restrictions that were in place, but as the risk of COVID remains, we feel it prudent to keep certain measures in place for the protection of everyone.

COVID Measures

Following the Government’s announcement of their `Living with COVID-19′ strategy. In England, most of the measures that have been in place to control the spread of the virus during the pandemic are no longer required by law. However, the risk has not gone and we are simply learning how best to live alongside it.

With this in mind, moving forward, the nursery will be guided by Public Health in relation to COVID-19.

Our Site Operating Procedures sets out how we as a nursery plan to live with COVID-19, and what we expect from staff, parents & visitors who are welcomed on site.

Our Contingency Plan sets out what we will do if COVID-19 leads to staff shortages or even temporary closure of the nursery.

Both of these documents are available to view for parents/users of the nursery on the Our schools app. Parents/users simply need to download the app from their playstore. Once downloaded, input the nursery postcode and click on Beeches Day Nursery.

In the event of a local outbreak or an outbreak within the nursery, we would implement our Outbreak Plan, which sets out robust measures that would temporarily be put into place to limit the risk of further transmission. The Outbreak plan would only be added to the Our schools app when it becomes necessary to implement.

It is the aim of the nursery to provide high-quality education and care to all children, and whilst doing so, be prepared for every eventuality. The robust measures that we have in place, along with the training that staff undertake in illness and infection control, will help us in providing a safe and warm environment that parents can feel secure in leaving their children.

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